Keystone Field Engineering Inc.

Keystone Field Engineering Inc. is a Professional Engineering Consulting firm offering services within the Oil & Gas industry. Our services include Engineering, Project Management, and Technical Consulting & Drafting Services as outlined below:

Oil & Gas:

Facility Design & Engineering
Keystone offers a wide range of project management, technical, engineering and field expertise to the Oil & Gas Industry.  From modifications to existing facilities to full new site designs, Keystone will scope out, design, provide cost estimates and provide construction support for all your project requirements.   Specific service include:
  • Single and Multi-Well Facilities Design
  • Waste Management Facilities Design
  • Water and Waste Disposal Facilities Design
  • New and existing pipeline modification design
  • Flow Splitter Designs
  • Plant and battery modifications/additions
  • New and Existing Tank Farm Upgrades and Designs
  • Flare System Design Checks and Modifications
  • Participate and contribute to facility HAZOP studies. Track and manage action items.
  • Prepare scopes of work, cost estimates and designs to address deficiencies
  • Full AutoCAD drawing services
    • Engineered facility design drawings include PFD’s, P&ID’s, Plot Plans, ISO’s, ORTHO’s, Structural, Electrical, Line Lists
    • As-built drawings including field data gathering
    • Metering schematics
    • 3D Design Projects
  • AFE cost estimating
  • Construction Engineering support, cost monitoring and progress reporting
  • Keystone can supply the expertise required to update engineered drawings for your facilities. We can update drawings from client supplied redline markups or provide the expertise required to complete field reviews/markups and then update drawings

A Few of Our Facility Design Projects




 Additional Facility Design Projects 

 Management of Change (MOC) Process
 Keystone’s involvement can vary according to your specific needs for the MOC process. Our role can range from technical design for an individual MOC project to managing your entire MOC Program (MOC coordination role). Services include:
  • Optimization of existing facilities/pipelines
  • Modifications to existing facilities/pipelines
  • Program Management/Coordination
  • Perform MOC Coordinator Role
  • Supply MOC Process development and Implementation Support
  • Pigging Facilities Installations and Modifications
  • Meter upgrades and/or Installations
  • Plunger-Lift Installation piping design;
  • Equipment sizing – piping, control valves, PSV’s, Tanks, Vessels, Filter systems, Pumps
  • Process Piping modifications
  • Process Flow Changes

A Few of Our MOC Projects








 Additional MOC Projects



Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta (PTMAA) Design
Keystone will provide designs for new PTMAA Compliant Facilities or make recommendations to bring your existing facility into compliance. Types of projects include:
  • New PTMAA Compliant Storage Facility Designs
  • Modify Existing Storage Facilities to ensure PTMAA Compliance
  • PTMAA Compliant Designs for Additions to existing storage facilities

A Few of Our PTMAA Projects


 Additional PTMAA Projects


Regulatory/Compliance Technical Support

Regulatory compliance is critical to success in the oil and gas sector.  The industry is governed by many regulators and regulations that require significant resources with specific expertise to maintain compliance.  Keystone can fulfill this role for your company, as needed, in the following regulatory areas:

  • ABSA Piping Registrations (ASME B31.3 and 31.1)
  • AER Facility and Pipeline Applications
  • AER Waste Disposal Applications
  • AER Reservoir Development Applications
  • AER DDS Submissions
  • AER Facility and Pipeline Audit Compliance support
  • General AER Compliance Support and Communication
  • AER Directive Compliance
    • DIR-60; Facility blowdown/venting calculations
    • DIR-56; Facility/pipeline applications
    • Metering compliance to DIR-17 requirements. Technical analysis, design and resolution of metering problem
    • DIR-58; Waste Management compliance and design
    • DIR-55; Storage Tank design and compliance
    • DIR- 66; Requirements and Procedures for Pipelines
    • DIR-38; Oilfield Noise Control
    • PIR 65/51: Reservoir development and water/waste disposal

A Few of Our Regulatory/Compliance Technical Support Projects





Additional Regulatory/Compliance Technical Support Projects


Operations/Production Engineering
If your internal resources are stretched thin consider utilizing Keystone’s expertise in operations and production engineering to complete the following:
  • Well Optimization:
    • Prescreen - complete field or pool screening to identify potential well optimization and workover opportunities
    • Detailed Technical Review - conduct detailed wellfile reviews of potential candidates identified in the prescreen to confirm opportunities
    • Recommendations - based on results of detailed well review develop a plan and work with client/vendors to develop programs, cost estimates and economics for presentation to management
    • Implementation and results evaluation - after management approval execute plan, monitor results and report back to client
  • Facilities Optimization:
    • Review gas gathering infrastructure for optimization opportunities using analytical methods or models such as FORGAS/PIPER/Pipeflo.
    • Process facility design optimization and debottlenecking using Design II process simulation
    • Identify pipeline, facilities or wellsite bottlenecks
    • Develop recommendations to remove bottlenecks i.e. pipeline looping, compression, etc.
    • Develop cost estimates and run economics for presentation to client management
    • Complete facilities design and installation after client approvals

A Few of Our Operations/Production Engineering Projects


Field As Builds
Keystone’s expertise is available to supply clients with up-to-date engineered drawings for all their projects and facilities. Updated drawings can be provide from either client supplied redline markups, or by Keystone conducting a full field review. Types of As-Built projects include:
  • Wellsites, Compressor Stations, Gas Plants, Batteries, Satellites, Water injection plants, headers, pipeline systems, etc.

A Few of Our As-Build Projects



Additional As-Build Projects